Eleven Rivers collaborates with the Sophia University from Tokyo Japan.

On Wednesday, July 12, Eleven Rivers Director Raymundo Elizalde Gastelo and Esmeralda Uribe Nevarez Coordinator of the communication area, met with Professor – Researcher Hiroyuki Tani of the Sophia University of Tokyo Japan and Dr. Juan De Dios Trujillo -of Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, in support of Dr. Hiroyuki’s research on Sinaloa horticulture.

Mr. Elizalde mentioned the importance that the horticultural sector has for Sinaloa, as well as explain the importance of the Eleven Rivers Program and the benefits it provides to Sinaloa Growers. He mentioned that Eleven Rivers certified companies are above the market’s demands for food safety, social and environmental responsibility and Eleven Rivers’ projections over the next few years.