Eleven Rivers Growers technical staff gets trained as a PrimusGFS Auditor

Last August 17 in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, our Eleven Rivers Growers technical staff attended the training course to become a PrimusGFS Auditor. In this course, they had the chance to learn about the qualifications and approvals to become one of them, addressing issues such as the formal training of the auditor, which must complete a variety of courses, having minimum experience in 10 days of audit with at least 5 different organizations, the approval of the PrimusGFS exam, among others. In the same manner, another subject of the course was continuous training/approval, in which the PrimusGFS auditor must stay updated on the current good practices of the industry, related to the scope in which they are approved, including: Food Safety, technological developments and regulations, and the relevant laws for each option (Field and/or installation).

Consequently, the part of audit execution; comprising the details of its programming and which includes the type of audit as well as the size and complexity of the operation, seasonality and products being produced was reviewed.

Also, the confirmation, duration, arrival of the auditor, opening meeting, continuation-opening meeting, scope of the audit and tour, record of its scope,  operational tour accompanied, advisory, fairness, indications of discounted questions, visual inspection, review and chlorine alternatives, disinfectant measurement, review and documentation requirements as well as those to be considered, notification of approval or failure and scoring, closing meeting, post-audit documentation, deadlines, evidence, and review of corrective actions.

Finally, the issue of writing the audit report was addressed and its delivery system; comprising the scope of the audit, the guidelines for writing the report, and the review of the delivery system.

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Visit the website: http://www.primusgfs.com/