Eleven Rivers Invites Horticultural Producers to “FSMA Focused on Produce Rule”

The Eleven Rivers Board of Directors, headed by Mr. Heriberto Vlamick Seidel, in coordination with the Secretary of Economic Development of the State Government, the Mexico-United States Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and Mexico Calidad Suprema have the pleasure of sharing with you the courses on the New Law of Modernization in Food Safety of the United States (FSMA).

The objective of the Course is for the participant to know and understand who will need to comply with this new regulation for the safety of fruits and vegetables published by the FDA, as well as the guidelines and steps that must be taken to comply with the new regulations in the United States.

The proposed regulation for fruit and vegetable safety was published by the FDA on January 4, 2013. This regulation covers most fruits and vegetables that are fresh (unprocessed). Some agricultural products will not be required to comply with these regulations. Some farmers will also be exempt or qualify for partial exemption.

Under the new food safety law, the FDA will be issuing a set of rules, including a rule on preventive controls in food facilities, a foreign supplier verification rule, and a rule on fruit and vegetable safety. The final rules issued by the FDA under this process have the force of law.

Join us in this course to understand who will need to comply with this new regulation, who qualifies for partial or total exemption and what constitutes a partial exemption. This course will cover the requirements under the proposed regulation and the steps it can take to achieve early and effective compliance once the regulation is finalized and takes effect.

This course is aimed at Farmers, General Managers, Administrators, Personnel from Independent Agencies, Food Safety Personnel in Agricultural Fields, Agricultural Personnel, HACCP Team Members, Field Supervisors and Quality Auditors of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.