Eleven Rivers participates in the panel: Challenges and opportunities of the Mexican Horticulture in the annual convention of AMSAC 2018

Within the framework of the Annual Convention of the AMSAC (Mexican Association of Seed farmers, AC), on August 10, 2018 in the city of Los Cabos, Baja California, Eleven Rivers Growers, was present as a speaker at the Panel of Vegetables with the presentation: “Challenges and Opportunities of the Horticulture Sector in Mexico” This presentation dealt with the requirements of the market such as quality, food safety, social responsibility and sustainability, which represent an important factor in the export of vegetables, also on the implementation of a culture of their fulfillment of each of them.

Among other important points mentioned by Eleven Rivers was about business commitment highlighting important points such as awareness, awareness, willingness and knowledge by a team.

Likewise, the technical personnel must have a conscience, attitude and aptitude and a culture of prevention and the operative personnel must be constantly trained.

On the other hand, he mentioned that certifications are another important point since they bring benefits to the company, the important thing is the way in which you comply.

Finally, he stressed that the compliance culture gives the company the following points:

Protection: Having the peace of mind and confidence that we are fulfilling and reducing risk as a company.

Commercial projection: Possibility of participating in new marketing channels and achieving a preference in the market.

Responsibility: To responsibly offer consumers healthy, safe and sustainable food.

Requirement: To meet the requirements of buyers who are the consumer’s spokesperson.