Eleven Rivers partnership agreement with the Congregación Mariana Trinitaria foundation to support producers in the generation of social infrastructure

As Eleven Rivers’ main objective is to increase the competitiveness of producers participating in the program, while improving performance and commitment in the different areas that make up the companies, the Eleven Rivers Association promotes technical assistance and the development of Infrastructure needed for producers to achieve Eleven Rivers certification.

That is why, on January 14 of this year, Eleven Rivers signed a collaboration agreement with the Congregation of the Mariana Trinitaria Foundation (CMT), which seeks to combine wills, capacities and resources through which different projects and actions will be promoted The integral and sustainable development of producers participating in the Eleven Rivers program.

The CMT is a private non-profit social welfare institution, with no political or religious purpose. Its actions focus on supporting productivity growth, financing public works and improving housing in its various forms.

The general objective of the organization is to reduce the incidence and severity of poverty and social deprivation of states, municipalities and localities at national and regional levels through a combination of health, housing, education, Food, social protection, income dynamics and basic infrastructure in a general and focused way, to generate a greater number of capacities and open new opportunities for their development.

The CMT, in strict adherence to its corporate purpose, has created platforms and assistance and development programs that are intended to finance and / or manage projects for infrastructure works and equipment, in kind, up to 50% of its amount.

In order to fulfill its objective, the CMT creates strategic alliances with regional and national public and private organizations, for the benefit of its members.

Through this agreement, Eleven Rivers is committed to proposing programs, projects and actions to strengthen the integral and sustainable development of the regions that make up the state of Sinaloa.

Eleven Rivers will serve as a window for the companies participating in the program, promoting the support of the CMT.

The companies, if appropriate, will present the infrastructure investment project to Eleven Rivers, who will send the project to the Trinitarian Marian Congregation, becoming a consultant throughout the process, from registration to delivery of evidence.

If you want to know more about the support provided by this organization, go to: www.cmt.org.mx