Eleven Rivers presents the 2015-2016 Human Capital Workshop Program

Staff training is a set of didactic activities aimed at meeting the professional needs of a company and whose objective is to expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees, providing them with the tools that will enable them to carry out their activities efficiently.

Eleven Rivers, conducting an analysis of its participating companies, has identified different training needs and has designed the Human Capital Training Program for the 2015-2016 Season, which will provide the employees of the different farms with the necessary tools to prepare companies for certification in the Eleven Rivers Regulatory Framework, reinforcing compliance criteria in the field, packaging and shelter.

The program is aimed at producers, directors, managers, coordinators, area managers, technical or auxiliary field safety and packaging, social work, quality management, and continuous improvement that work in the companies associated with the Eleven Rivers Program.

Recall that the benefits that companies obtain when training their employees are diverse. Primordially increases productivity and quality of work within the organization, reduces the need for supervision, improves organizational stability, helps solve problems and makes it easier for staff to identify with the company.