Interview to Eleven Rivers Growers: “Food Safety as a Key Factor in the Development of Growing Companies in Sinaloa”

In February, within the Eleven Rivers Growers facility, an interview was held to Eng. Edgar Saúl Ramírez Guerrero, Technical Advisor Coordinator from Eleven Rivers Growers, and the interviewer was Eng. Hilary Beltrán, Research Assistant of the program at Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT) – Research Center for Food and Development (CIAD).

The main purpose of the interview was focused on learning a little more about food safety practices, which are currently held at farming companies in Sinaloa.

The advisor underlined, that food safety is very important in the produce industry as it prevents the generation of diseases caused by food; and this is why multiple controls are being applied in the different areas of farming grower companies, so that food reaches the homes of many families as safe as possible.

“At Eleven Rivers Growers, we work hard to be a benchmark in this subject. Each of the processes from certified companies under our Certification Scheme is checked on a daily basis, and those in the process of implementation, he added.

Finally, he stated that food safety is important from an economic point of view, as it could compromise a company with accusations during a pollution outbreak, in addition to the costs for governments due to the expenses in public health.