Interview: Cesar Armenta – Director of Expo Agro Sinaloa

  1. Can you share some of the history and importance of Expo Agro Sinaloa?

Expo Agro Sinaloa began in the year of 1990, as a demonstration of technology and agricultural inputs in a small place named “EL CAPULE “, located in Navolato Sinaloa and owned by Gilberto Ureta Sánchez, where the growers affiliated to the Growers Association of Culiacán (AARC) would occasionally gather. The reason for these gatherings was to observe the work of agriculture machinery in the field.

Farmers are the most traditional productive sector in the social and economic construction of Sinaloa, along with them came the development of a local culture and a society that transcended to become one of the vital sectors of our modern society. Additionally, Sinaloa growers stand out in Mexico and are a role model in the food production nationwide.

One of the main strengths of Expo Agro Sinaloa is to have created and developed an onsite exhibition, where exhibitors can display the advantages of their products and services; it promotes a new vision of the field, a relationship between producers, suppliers and the marketplace, where the productive chain is integrated.


  1. What is the main objective and to whom the event is targeted?

Expo Agro Sinaloa, is an exhibition organized by the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa (CAADES) where we are making an institutional commitment to promote the business development of growers, manufacturers, distributors and banks. They gather at Expo Agro to generate the synergy of doing business, promoting the development of Agri-food activities in Mexican fields; In addition, our objective is to innovate, generate, advance and transfer this agricultural knowledge to the grower for its decision making process.


  1. How will the general program be integrated?

Expo Agro Sinaloa, in this 28th edition, brings together domestic and foreign exhibitors, with an international agribusiness agenda, a program of keynote conferences, forums, discussion panels and technical workshops.

In the center of innovation and transfer of technology (CIyTT) of Fundacion produce de Sinaloa, an agenda with:

– Validation of protected agriculture open fields of vegetables

– Suppliers of solid and liquid compost.


  1. What are the main changes that this edition will have and what is the evolution that Expoagro has suffered throughout time?

In this 28th edition of Expo Agro Sinaloa, there has been straight communication with the 3 levels of government, universities and business of chambers. In order to promote and empower the Expo, we have followed this approach of working with the authorities, businessmen and producers, which allowed us to establish agreements and to highlight the importance of the 28th edition for its contribution of advances in technological innovation for the Agrifood sector. There is a vision of doing research and information trading platforms with the participation of more than 350 stands; with a previous international launch of the Expo during an event with 50 embassies in Mexico City and with the promotion of the 40 offices of ProMéxico around the world.


  1. What are the main benefits obtained by companies when exhibiting at Expo Agro?

One of the objectives of Expo Agro and its exhibitors is to do business, hence the slogan of this edition, TALKING BUSINESS (Hagamos trato), for achieving this, banks and agricultural associations will deliver financial credits to growers during the three days of the event; taking advantage of the financial credits and the special discounts that will be promoted in the show, there will a business environment where exhibitors and attendees will have big opportunities for closing deals between them during the event.


  1. Who are the main visitors?

The main visitors are producers, marketers, distributors, academics, business chambers, students, agricultural organizations and Government officials.


  1. What are the expectations from the organizing committee for this 28th edition of the event?

The edition of the Expo Agro contributes in a timely manner to innovation, productivity and competitiveness of our field. Our challenge is to continue advancing in the diversification of our fields, with the promotion of exports and continuing to generate opportunities for producers and to be more profitable.

The commitment is to raise the sector throughout Expo Agro Sinaloa, so that producers find the solution to their needs, business closure and to reaching target markets.


  1. What is the economic importance of Expo Agro for the state of Sinaloa?

One of the great strengths of Sinaloa is in its people and its field; that is why we generate business opportunities in an agricultural area that is characterized, by its importance in grain and vegetables production, corn as the biggest in volume production, with a production exceeding 6 million tons per year. Also, a 1st place in export of tomato nationally, 2nd place in cucumber exports and green Chili and 3rd place in frozen vegetables. Moreover, Expo Agro will bring expenditure and cash flow of 350 Million Pesos for local businesses.