Know more about the 2.7 use of Fertilizers section in Axis II of the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme.

2.7.1. Product quality

Fertilizers should be of quality to meet the nutritional crop needs: it is necessary to acquire fertilizers approved by competent authorities.

Fertilizers should be accompanied by a guarantee letter from the supplier, ensuring that label specifications are real. If there is no safety in product quality, samples should be sent for analysis to a laboratory accredited with the ISO / IEC-17025 regulation.

The company should document technical data sheets and material safety data sheets for each type of fertilizer.

2.7.2. Water quality in the use of foliar-type fertilizers via foliar

When foliar fertilizers are provides, water quality should be compliant with amendment to NOM-127-SSA-1996. CT: 2NMP or UFC / 100 mL, CF: Not detectable NMP / 100 mL or zero CFU / 100 mL regulation.

2.7.3. Fertilizer management

Personnel working on fertilizer mixing and application should use protective equipment based on product label directions.

2.7.4. Records

Relevant records of fertilizer application should include: active ingredient, dose, application area, date and person responsible for the application.

2.7.5. Organic Fertilizers

When organic fertilizers are handled, composition records, treatment dates, methods used and application day are facts that should be documented.

Documenting evidence of the treatment used to eliminate pathogens harmful to human health: supplier warranty letter, certificate of analysis/test result/verification data (time, temperature). This is to show compliance with the microbiological standards established in the applicable regulations in the country of origin or destination.