Meeting Eleven Rivers with SENASICA

On January 15, 2014, a successful meeting was held with Mr. Jesús Aguilar Padilla, Undersecretary of Agriculture; Mr. Heriberto Vlaminck Seidel, President of Eleven Rivers; Dr. Enrique Sanchez Cruz, Senior Director of SENASICA and Mr. Jorge Kondo López, General Director of Agricultural Development; To present the progress of the Eleven Rivers Program.

The main reason for the meeting was the search for the renewal of the SENASICA Recognition for version 2.1 of the Eleven Rivers Standard, where it is requested:

  • Generation of a Technical Group to follow up and evaluate the equivalence actions of the Eleven Rivers / SRRC SENASICA Model.
  • Generation of an agreement of collaboration that of legal certainty to the actions that we undertake in matter of equivalences between the Association Eleven Rivers® and SENASICA.
  • Elaboration and validation by the Eleven Rivers/ SENASICA Technical Group of Check Lists in accordance with the equivalences of the models.
  • Reduction of the time in the process of the evaluation of the conformity of the file and SENASICA opinion and impression of the recognition for the certified farmers under the model of Equivalences.

To date the Eleven Rivers Program has been operated and has been developed based on a quota that Sinaloa vegetable producers have contributed to its operation, however, it is necessary to include more producers and other exporting regions of Mexico to consolidate a national offer Which meets the highest standards that the market and authorities require, so Eleven Rivers requests government support for the growth of the technical operation and its promotion abroad once consolidated the annualized offer.