The Grower Company Daniel Cárdenas Cevallos gives the workshop: Migrant’s duel

To encourage family life within our collaborators and to preserve the culture of their birthplace, our company Agrícola Daniel Cárdenas Cevallos together with “Let them Go with Love” IAP carried out 10 workshops with a duration of 2 hours daily.

In total, 90 collaborators participated, whom were able to talk and learn about the following topics:

  1. – Describe their place of origin, what they left, what they lost and what they gain by being here.
  2. – To get to know their new place, what they learn by being in this place.
  3. – Familiar and personal losses and gainings.
  4. – To get to know the customs of this place.
  5. – To promote their own customs.

Migration is an action that allows a certain population to move along territories looking for better conditions or quality of life. Our function as employer is to make them feel like at home. Our mission is to support our collaborators during the time they live in our housing facilities, making it easier for them meanwhile they are far away from their home and families, which can sometimes be very difficult.