Safety and Health at Work at the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme V 2.2.1

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Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme V2.2.1
Axis 5. Social Responsibility
Headland 6. Safety and Health at Work
5.6.1. Identifying and reducing incidence of occupational hazards
This must be organized so that, with the participation of workers, acts and unsafe conditions are identified in the different areas and for each type of activities within each facility, both owned by the company and rented.
It is required to have a record of each of the occupational hazards that arise, specifying what happened, where it happened and what caused the accident, so that, using this, a risk analysis study can be carried out, indicating the corrective and preventative measures to be implemented to reduce the incidence of accidents and protect the health and life for workers will.
You need to describe the ideal conditions of work and functioning of the security system in order to identify whether it is required to make adjustments to facilities, improvements to machinery and equipment, changing tools, maintenance actions, changes in the way of doing the work, provide personal protective equipment, strengthen the training of workers, among others.
To implement the operation of safety and health at work, it is required to periodically review and evaluate compliance with the corrective and preventive actions, including the study of risk analysis and motivate those responsible, so that each recommendation becomes effective and if it is not working, the necessary adjustments are made.
The company must keep a historical record of how the risk premium is moving, that will apply at the end of each fiscal year and compare it against the average risk premium applied to the agricultural sector. The ideal condition is that the company minimizes the level, but not at the expense of stop channeling injured workers to the attention of social security.
5.6.2. Commissions of Safety and Hygiene
Commissions of Safety and Hygiene should be integrated, training its members and perform verification visits, according to the Federal Regulations on Safety and Health at Work, seeking to fully comply with their functions:
1. Investigate the causes of accidents and illnesses, based on the information provided by the employer and others that are considered necessary.
2. Monitor compliance with the provisions of the regulation, the rules and aspects related to safety and labor health, set out in the internal labor regulations, and note any violations in the verification visits.
3. Propose to the standard preventive measures and safety at work, based on the regulations and operational experience in the field.

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