Prepared Sinaloa growers for FSMA rule


Sinaloa horticulturists are preparing for the new planting season, which will start with new challenges as the entry of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the US.

Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante, manager of Commission of research and defend of vegetables in Sinaloa (CIDH), emphasize that Sinaloa Growers have an over 10 years understanding and putting issues such as food safety. “Farmers have been updating their production process, is a work that they are making whit the Eleven Rivers Association support, we are in close communication with the people in the government of Mexico, Senasica, with FDA, and everything seems to be in order, we have a very hard work since 10 to 15 years ago” the vast majority understand the concept very well, many are certified by Senasica and other commercial certifications, we don’t think that we’ll have problems, he said.

During August, many producers are prepared with various activities for the plant window. He estimated that because of the good season that was held in the Autumn Winter 2015-2016 both in volume and in prices, there may be some increase in the area of roma tomato, not so much in other varieties, chili bell or cucumber, which will keep. Escalante Robles said many growers are taking preventive measures by the planting of soybeans, which could bring an increase in the presence of whitefly, so it is estimated that there may be up to 600 hectares mesh shade.

Source: Commentaries Magazine