Workshop: Corporative Crisis Management


For the second time was carried out the “Workshop: Corporative Crisis Management” taught by Lic. Sergio Manuel Lagunas Mendoza held from 30 August to 01 September with the participation of 32 technicians and management personnel of the participating farms in the Eleven Rivers Program at the premises of the Farmers association of Rio Culiacan (AARC).

The main objective of this training is participants to incorporate crisis management skills such as communication, prevention and management of their business in order to protect the reputation of the agricultural enterprise.

Giving tools to the participants to identify the characteristics of a corporate crisis: types and stages. Generate communication strategies to crisis, to know the components of a crisis prevention plan and make one for their own company and how to identify the phases of crisis management.

The main topics in this training are: corporate reputation, how to protect the reputation of the agricultural enterprise, characteristics of a crisis, communicate or not communicate, prevention plan for crisis, management phases of crisis, what to do after the crisis? and closing of a crisis.