Eleven Rivers Growers develops a new weekly verification strategy

strategy for participating growers. Having social responsibility, food safety in the field and packaging facility, risk analysis, and sustainability as axes; the Eleven Rivers Badge is created.

This badge has 2 levels of compliance, and both are supported by existing, recognized business schemes. Such schemes are requested and demanded by the most important chains in Mexico, the US and Canada.

For example, if you would like to enter level 1, which has been called “Beyond”, it is necessary to have a combination of Global Gap, Primus GFS, BPM, HACCP, CEAR & SMETA. What makes this Badge more interesting, safe and successful is that a team of auditors visit the Renowned companies weekly and performs a monitoring audit and a verification of processes and operations.

A minimum grade is required to continue with the Eleven Rivers Badge. This dynamics generates a constant continuous improvement, and greater certainty in meeting the compliance of standards and criteria demanded by the market.

In order to carry out this work, Eleven Rivers has 4 qualified internal auditors, with years of experience and dozens of companies visited and audited. Their responsibility is to provide clear results from the audits being performed, and thus have more solid and updated companies.