Eleven Rivers launches newer website version

Last August 1st was launched to the public, officially, the new version of the Eleven Rivers Growers website, which was designed to meet the needs to maintain contact directly with the market.

In this new version can be found, among other things, some general information about the Eleven Rivers program: mission, vision and differentiating values. Also, we have added an option to display the institutional video of the association, which explains in detail what are the certification program objectives and describes all the agents involved in the process.

Moreover, the main menu has a section that briefly explains what the Eleven Rivers Regulatory Scheme is, its evolution and the current focus of the version 2.2.

Other sections that were added in this new version of the website are “Independent bodies” and “Certified companies”. In the first one the user can find general information, contact and services provided by each of the companies that participates in the process. In the second one, the user can obtain information about the companies that have been certified successfully, such as: contact, general information, products marketed and validity of the certification.

Additionally, we’re working especially in a social responsibility section, in order to serve as a guide for those who are interested in knowing a little more about this topic that has gained strength in recent years, and has become a critical factor in the agricultural sector, not only in Sinaloa but worldwide.

The news that we publish in our website are shared twice a month through our bulletin,  in order to keep everyone informed about the most important activities that we’re developing and news that we consider may influence the operation of each of the companies.

The work is steady and with this new website we have gone a step further, however we know that the road is long and we will continue to keep coming up with new conditions to communicate with consumers, retailers and the market in general, with the primary aim of publicizing our work on the outside; and what better way than using different virtual platforms, which more than support today are considered a necessity.