Eleven rivers participate in the subcommittee for Agriculture and Livestock

Whit the finally that the citizens to submit proposals for the State Development Plan, the meeting of the Subcommittee on Agriculture and Livestock was whit the propose for planning for the development of Sinaloa.

Eleven Rivers participated with the proposal to produce and market healthy, food safety and sustainable vegetables and fruits: to integrate and train the producers in the best agricultural practices; As well as providing them with technical assistance for the fulfillment of certifications that include, besides the food safety and traceability aspects, aspects of social and environmental responsibility; With the objective of increasing the confidence of buyers and consumers over Sinaloa’s production, both in the domestic market and in the export market.

At the AARC’s premises, the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of the State, Juan Enrique Habermann Gastélum, detailed that there will be 12 tables that will work on issues related to agriculture and livestock.

“In the subject of agriculture will be carried out five working groups and the strategic axes to be developed will be the next; The first subject will be infrastructure and equipment, the second profitability of the agricultural sector and new markets, the third innovation as the basis of agricultural development, “he said.

In the livestock theme, the planning works are animal health, the profitability of milk, ovine-caprine programs, as well as diversification of destinations for the promotion of cattle and swine. In rural development, it was discussed about rural sector challenges, the future and professionalization.

Representing the Administration and Finance Secretariat, José Antonio Penné, said that the works will allow the development of the State Development Plan with objectives that allow the development of the state.