Interview: Rubén Inzunza Bojórquez, Social Responsibility Coordinator at Agricola Santa Veneranda

Rubén, a native of Guasave, Sinaloa, is currently studying an Engineering Degree in Quality Systems at Universidad Autónoma Intercultural de Sinaloa (UAIS). He has been a collaborator of Agrícola Santa Veneranda for a little over 9 years, and one of the success stories within our farming companies, which shows that you can achieve your professional goals with commitment and will.

Rubén started working for the company as a temporary worker in various field and packaging activities, until he managed to obtain the position of Social Responsibility Coordinator at Agrícola Santa Veneranda, in addition to achieving one of the best grade point averages of our last training program.

“Social Responsibility, a cornerstone for companies to get a win-win situation”

Communication, a key factor for collaborators to have a sense of belonging to work: Rubén Inzunza Bojórquez.

For growers, implementing a Social Responsibility System is changing the mentality not only of them as businessmen, but also of their collaborators; while they see the needs in terms of labor, life quality of the people and their families, that makes the relationship better with the community, schools and links with the government, which results in a win-win situation.

Engineer in Quality Systems Rubén Inzunza Bojórquez states that, in order to improve the lifestyle of field workers as well as reinforcing the employer – employee relationship, Agrícola Santa Veneranda has made investments to rehabilitate spaces for sports, and this company has also developed projects and the use of technologies in benefit of the community, and of the company itself, resulting in a decrease in water consumption, power, and greenhouse gases; in addition, they have made significant partnerships with the government to provide workers with medical services in their working areas.

 “One of the essential factors is communication with workers beyond regulatory compliance, policies, and regulations,” said the manager of Social Responsibility of this farming company.

He pointed out the importance of certifications in terms of social responsibility, as this is a reminder for both parties (worker-employer) of the rights and obligations they have with each other.

Inzunza Bojórquez said that the Eleven Rivers Certification scheme is very complete, as the implementation of this work scheme stands out the benefits of workers and their families, as well as the development of the environment surrounding them.

“In order for us human beings to develop we need food, oxygen, and water. In the work area, we need recognition in order to grow, get motivated, and proposing new goals,” said Eng. Rubén Inzunza Bojórquez, when he shared with us that he is very happy for the recognition he received for obtaining one of the best grade point averages in the annual training program of Eleven Rivers Growers.

Author: Claudia Iveth López / CAADES