Know more about the Human Resources section in Axis I of the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme

1.3.1. Team for the implementation of the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme

The senior management of the company must develop an organizational chart, by documenting it and keeping it updated. Describing the current hierarchical structure of the company in it is essential.

The company must have a description of the roles and responsibilities of each key position while implementing the 11R scheme, and be to identify them in the organizational chart.

EC11R implementation team must be identified in the organizational chart with the following roles:

  1. Process Quality Coordinator (PQC): The person in charge of EC11R supervision in general: this person will lead and advocate for its implementation.
  2. Food Safety Technical Coordinator (FSTC): Responsible for implementing in the company axis ll and lll of EC11R. When applicable, this person will also responsible for axis IV compliance.
  3. Social Responsibility Coordinator (SRCS): In charge of compliance and implementation of axis V of EC11R.

These people may rely on different company areas for scheme implementation, that is, production, maintenance, food safety assistants, purchases and human resources.

Senior management must support the Process Quality Coordinator as the main responsible of EC11R implementation, especially to attend opportunity areas and correct potential deficiencies detected in the departments without hierarchical subordination to him.

Senior management, based on the experience and personnel training, must document the alternate substitute in case of temporary or permanent absence of key personnel in charge of critical steps of the implementation process. These personnel must be trained, qualified and experienced to perform the tasks in the required level.