On March 2, the Work Report from the Board of Directors of the Grower’s Association of Culiacan (AARC) led by Sergio Esquer Peiro was given; and also, the election of the new Board of Directors was carried out, which will be chaired by José Enrique Rodarte Espinoza de los Monteros for the 2019 – 2022 period.

In his message, Sergio mentioned the importance of competitiveness and sustainability for agriculture production in Sinaloa, and the efficient management of natural resources:

“Sustainability opens a suitable space to differentiate and position ourselves in global markets. Let’s remind that preferences of the consumer these days go beyond a good presentation, tasty product, as they are also looking for food safety, social and environmental responsibility”.

He also said that, during the last year of his term, two very intense global events were held. On one hand, NAFTA (now USMCA) negotiations, where together with CAADES – CIDH and the CNA, we were in the negotiating team for subjects of agriculture, commercial remedies, health measures, and customs procedures. On the other hand, the negotiations to renew the antidumping suspension agreement in the case of tomato, which are still going on.

He also recognized the challenge Sinaloa Growers have; which is to add value to their products; this is why research is so important, this is the reason why the AARC is working together with Fundación Produce to develop an experimental field within the fields from the association, to validate various technological packages such as conservation agriculture and integrated pest management.

He shared with attendees that the AARC has been actively participating in issues of prevention and social involvement, such as the “Rescatemos de Corazón Villa Juárez” project, from the hand of other organizations such as Agroindustrias del Norte, Fundación Cárdenas, and Fundación Grupo C1. Some of the most important actions carried out by this initiative are: Educación de Calidad activities to improve health and well-being, public spaces and the environment, as well as subjects of economic development. To date, this project has been coordinated with 30 improvement initiatives with the community participation, benefiting about 10,000 people directly.

To finish his message, Sergio congratulated Eng. Rodarte for having committed to take chair of this association for the next three years.

Eng. Rodarte took his new position with enthusiasm and responsibility. He committed to continue working for small, medium, and large growers of grain and produce, because we all are seeking the same goals: union and profitability. It is important to stand out that Eng. Enrique Rodarte comes from a family of growers, since his father and grandfather chaired this noble grower association.