Health of Workers and Their Families

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Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme on its axis V of Social Responsibility, promotes actions to protect the health of workers and their families according to the following points:


5.7. Health of Workers and Their Families

In order to protect the health of workers and their families, preventive health actions are encouraged. These are suggested to be developed, based on a strategy of prevention and health promotion during the lifeline.

Such strategy is based on basic actions to prevent diseases and promote health self-care of people according to their age and gender. The control is recorded in the National Health Card.


5.7.1. Health Prevention and Promotion

The company must implement health prevention and promotion actions intended at the following age groups: children aged 0-9 years old, teenagers aged 10 to 15 years, adolescent 16-19 years old, men and women of 20-59 years, men and women aged 60 years or older.

It is required to have the support of medical health teams hired directly by the company, or those assigned by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) to the doctor’s offices of the shelters, to promote actions and keep track of the people through the National Health Card.

Companies without shelters may request support from Health Centers and promote, in a coordinated way, the program in communities where workers and their families live.


5.7.2. Medical Attention for Workers

The company must ensure that workers and their families have access to first class medical services as follows:

  1. If the company has a shelter, it can directly install a doctor’s office and this may be attended by hired medical personnel or ask the IMSS to assign a doctor and a nurse.
  2. If the company has a shelter and this is located near a family medical unit or an IMSS clinic, the company may transport workers and their families directly to these centers for medical attention.
  3. If the company has a shelter and the number of workers is less than 300, it may ask for a mobile medical unit of the IMSS, to periodically visit the shelter and promote actions of preventive and healing medicine.

The company must guarantee the moving service, free of charge, of sick workers and their families to family medicine units, IMSS clinics or hospitals for medical services, when required.

By: Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme