“Agroindustrias Tombell, S.A. de C.V.” achived the Eleven Rivers Certification.


On behalf of the Board of Eleven Rivers we want to extend our congratulations to Agroindustrias Tombell, S.A. de C.V. to have achieved the Eleven Rivers Certification V2.2.1

One of the main goals of the distinctive Eleven Rivers is to distinguish the production of Sinaloa from the rest of Mexico through the reliability of our agricultural production through the highest standards of food safety, process quality, traceability and social and environmental and social responsibility.

We recognize the commitment of the producer, executive and technical staff, as well to all the workers who are part of this program and collaborate to fulfill all aspects involving this certification.

Especially thanks and congratulations to its management team led by José Luis Lara, Fidel Antonio Vargas Gonzalez, Benjamín Cervantes Godínez; as well as their technical team José Pedro Pantoja Aguilera, Rosario Campaña Rodríguez y Paula Glasira Becerra Álvarez among many other collaborators who actively participated throughout this process to have obtained the approval of conformity by the certification body NSF Mexico, after receiving the audit in April of this year.