Interview: Eng. Abel Hernández Pineda Managing Director of ANCE.


Eng. Abel Hernández Pineda is a native of Ciudad de Zumpango, Estado de Mexico; he is an engineer by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, with broad experience in Technical Regulation and Standardization. He has been working for over 20 years with matters related to Mexican standards, which has allowed him to work with several organizations involved with standardization policies in Mexico. He has been collaborating for over 22 years with the Association for Standardization and Certification, NPO (ANCE, for its initials in Spanish) where he serves as Managing Director since August 2013.

1. Could you share with us a bit of your professional experience?

 I have a professional experience of over 20 years in Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment in the domestic, regional and international contexts. I have collaborated with several sectors in the development of Mexican Standards (NMX) and with a variety of government agencies in the development of Mexican Official Standards (NOM) and Regulatory Impact Manifestations (MIR). I have participated in Technical Committees of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, in the fields of Energy Management, Safety and Performance.

Within the domestic context, I am involved in several collegial bodies:

  • Member of the National Standardization Commission.
  • Member of the National Advisory Committee of Standardization on the Energy Regulating Commission (CRE, for its initials in Spanish).
  • Member of the National Advisory Committee of Standardization for the Preservation and Rational Use of Energy Resources (CCNNPURRE).
  • President of the Committee of Verification Unit Evaluation of the Mexican Accreditation Agency, (EMA) in the 2004-2005 period, and he is currently a Leader Evaluator in the National Register of Evaluators in the area of Verification Units.

I have the expertise as a member of boards of directors; having participated in:

  • Board of the Mexican Accreditation Agency, EMA (for its initials in Spanish).
  • Council of Harmonization of Electro-technical Standards of the Nations in the Americas, CANENA.
  • Board of the National Center of Metrology, CENAM.

In over 20 years, ANCE has been part of the change, in a context of global trade. México is the country with the highest number of agreements in terms of international trade; which has set a trend towards regulation, based on international standards and guidelines, and in the creation of infrastructure for conformity assessment with adherence to international principles. ANCE has characterized by its leadership in the sectors it is involved, by adding value to productive chains through their capabilities, with broad experience in both domestic and international schemes of conformity assessment.


2. Since when did you take office as Managing Director of ANCE?

I am Managing Director of the Association for Standardization and Certification, NPO (ANCE), since August 2013. I have worked with this institution for over 22 years.


3. What are you most passionate about your job?

Something passionate for me is being involved with productive chains to contribute to their competitiveness through standard development and application, technical regulations, testing labs and conformity assessment processes that add value both in the domestic and international markets.


4. What are the main challenges you face as a Director of ANCE?

One of the main challenges is achieving valuation of conformity assessment services (certification, inspection, testing and calibration) in the domestic market. Also, positioning the ANCE brand as benchmark in the market, in the sectors we are involved.


5. Would you share with us, what are some of the major projects ANCE is currently working on?

The Mission of ANCE is: Adding value to consumers in their life quality through safety, health, performance and the best use of planet resources; with standardization, inspection, lab testing and certification solutions as a basis for technologic development and innovation.

In this regard, some of the relevant projects at ANCE are:

  • Certification of the FSSC 22000 scheme;
  • Certification of organic products;
  • Certification of Habanero Chili with designation of origin from the Yucatán Peninsula;
  • Validation and Verification of Greenhouse-Effect Gas emissions;
  • Chain of custody for forestry products, with the purpose of achieving a sustainable use of our forests, among others.
  • Expansion of our operations in Asia and South America. 


6. How does ANCE collaborates with the food industry in Mexico?

Currently, ANCE supports the Mexican food industry in the rise of the food safety pyramid; part of the organization’s vision is contributing to continuous improvement of companies, by developing skills, abilities and strengths together with them; we are committed to meeting their specific needs, according to their growth and the regulatory legislation that demands so.


7. What is the expectation of joint work developed by ANCE with Eleven Rivers in the short and long term?

At ANCE, we know that alliances with promoters of regulatory development in any field or industry are essential to build confidence between the industry and the consumer; this is why we acknowledge the hard work the ELEVEN RIVERS association has developed in a short time. Our joint work expectation to the short term is to continue positioning the ELEVEN RIVERS certification scheme as one of the most consolidated schemes in the agrifood industry; so that, in the near future, it becomes recognized and approved by the GFSI (GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE) and this may extend the benefits awarded when implementing the scheme to more growers, packers, marketers and of course, the end consumer.


8. What are the plans of ANCE in 20 years?

The Vision of ANCE is: being successful and recognized as the best provider of solutions in standardization, inspection, lab testing and certification, contributing to society in its development and sustainability, both in the domestic and international markets.

In this context, 20 years from now, the ANCE brand will be a benchmark in the food market, achieving the distinction of the products that have it, in regards to quality, health and food safety. We will achieve to bring a significant value to our customers, members and associates, in a framework of corporate social responsibility.


9. Anything else you would like to add?

To reaffirm our congratulations to the ELEVEN RIVERS association for promoting a comprehensive certification scheme, that meets the legal and commercial demands of the industry. We would also like to invite the entire agrifood guild to know the benefits of implementing the scheme.