Alliance between Eleven Rivers and the Technological Innovation Park


On December 9th, the Eleven Rivers team visited the facilities of the Technological Innovation Park (PIT) at Sinaloa University where through a guided tour, we witness quality technological projects designed and created locally. The PIT is a park with international presence, thanks to the quality of the technological development and the innovation projects.

The Innovation Park has a Triple Helix Model that involves: University and Scientific environments, enterprises and industry and Governments and their administration promoting the development of the state of Sinaloa by strengthening technological capabilities in essential fields of knowledge.

The mains objectives of the PIT are to incorporate innovation, to strength regional economy’s productivity and competitiveness, with the purpose of achieving a sustained economic growth and accelerating the creation of high-specialization employments. Generating, applying and integrating technologies knowledge, in order to give solutions to problems from the local, regional and international environments.

The park has 7 laboratories: Project development, Robotics and Virtual Reality, Motion Capture, Design and Modeling, Electronics Laboratory, Prototyping Workshop and Engineering and Data Science.

Eleven Rivers has several projects contemplated to develop in conjunction with the Technological Innovation Park and the Center for Research in Food and Development, A.C. (CIAD Culiacan).