Axis V: Social Responsibility System



Nowadays, social responsibility acquires a greater dimension in face of the pressures of a globalized world, characterized because consumers are more demanding and they acquire food not only for what it is itself, but also by the way it is produced.

The world is rapidly changing and businessmen -with future vision-must evolve to stay in the market: they require special care in meeting labor standards, health care and the life of workers; suppression of forced and compulsory labor; eliminate discrimination against women because of their gender situation; but also to eradicate child labor, among others.

Recently, most of the producers of vegetables and fruits have incorporated safety as part of the quality of their products. Now, the challenge is that social responsibility practices are also inherent; and that employers take the necessary compromises so that the costs in this area, be considered as an investment and not an expense.

Eleven Rivers standard indicators, included in the axis of Social Responsibility, cover the topics of greatest risk of the agricultural industry, primarily those related to workers from regions with high poverty: many of them migrate with their families and others without them.

In addition to compliance with the legislation -which applies itself in the performance of the companies- Eleven Rivers Standard assesses the contribution of these in protecting the rights of children and the promotion of preventive medicine, as a reward for the community.

Safety and health at work have been incorporated as a relevant social responsibility action. Companies must create a healthy and safe working environment to protect their workers. In the world, each year lives are damaged and lost because of industrial accidents and occupational diseases conditions.

Additionally, we include performance evaluation of enterprises in environmental protection; the lives and livelihoods of humanity depend on natural resources, preserve them and exploit them reasonably is our responsibility.