Chairman of Eleven Rivers participates in Workshop on ProMéxico.

On May 23, Georgius Gotsis – President of Eleven Rivers, participated in the fresh produce workshop, as part of ProMéxico’s training program.

Gotsis presented to the event participants the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme, where he emphasized the importance of food safety, social and environmental responsibility, in the production of fresh foods for human consumption.

He mentions how the Eleven Rivers Certification Program emerges and the 5 axes in which it is focused: packaging, logistics and transportation, food safety, risk analysis and critical points and finally social and environmental responsibility.

“When a third party such as NSF certifies a grow company under the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme, the company has the ability to perform an audit in conjunction with any other business certification by reviewing the Eleven Rivers scheme these are sufficient as well to certify in other commercial schemes, what I mean by this is that our certification has standards as strict as those of any other internationally “He mention.

“We do not certify, what we do is talk to a third party which is NSF and they review the more than 700 risk points, does not randomly review, they absolutely reviews all facilities; One of the most important differences that the Eleven Rivers Scheme has is that once the companies are certified, such as when any other scheme is certified, they receive a weekly visit from another third party who is ANCE another independent organization that visits the company weekly, ANCE what it does is to randomly evaluate the points to verify that they are being 100% compliant with the standards” he said.

Georgius Gotsis mentioned how the badge works Eleven Rivers said that “The Eleven Rivers badge is a seal that guarantees that the company is certified, if the company in the week that ANCE evaluated it had an important detail, the label is immediately withdrawn and they asked to correct the situation and if in a detail doesn’t have as much importance they have a week to solve it.

What Eleven Rivers seeks is to provide more security to the production of companies that are certified, have a fresh, quality and above all reliable product, that when the buyer and consumer buy this product have the confidence that they are acquiring something innocuous and of first quality.

Eleven Rivers next step is to promote the brand towards the United States finalized.

The workshop on fresh produce also included the participation of the agro-industry sector coordinator of ProMéxico, Javier Olguin Luna, SENASICA, Hoffmann Blassio Sánchez, and representatives of APEAM.


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