Georgius Gotsis Introduces the Eleven Rivers Program to the Delegate of Economy in Sinaloa

Last Tuesday, May 23, Geourgius Gotsis Fontes – President of Eleven Rivers met with Rafael Rodríguez Castaños – Delegate of Economy in Sinaloa, to present the Eleven Rivers Program.

At this meeting, Gotsis had the opportunity to highlight the work and progress that the Eleven Rivers Program has achieved with horticultural companies in Sinaloa in aspects of great relevance such as food safety and social and environmental responsibility.

He emphasizes the progress of the program by achieving six certified companies in the present agricultural season 2016-2017, adding with it fourteen certified, out of a total of more than thirty companies that are working under this certification scheme.

For his part, the Delegate of Economy highlighted the importance of initiatives and programs such as Eleven Rivers at local and national level; Even more so today with changes in consumer behavior, the updating of legislation on food safety with the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which become more relevant in the context of the renegotiations of the Free Trade Agreement with North America (NAFTA).

Rodríguez mentioned that it is very important to support programs such as Eleven Rivers to increase the competitiveness of agricultural companies in Sinaloa and Mexico.