DICONSA, SEDESOL and the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa sign a collaboration agreement

With the aim of providing Sinaloa producers with the opportunity to offer their field workers and their families the best living conditions, the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa, with the support of the Commission for the Investigation and Defense of (CIDH) and Eleven Rivers has carried out different working sessions with DICONSA and SEDESOL during the 2014-2015 season. A collaboration agreement between these organizations and CAADES was signed, which came into force on March 12, 2015.

DICONSA is a state-owned company that belongs to the social development sector; Aims to contribute to overcoming food poverty through the supply of basic and complementary products to rural areas of high and very high marginalization, based on community organization and participation.

Among the main objectives of the agreement are:

Carry out joint actions to improve food and ensure the supply of basic and complementary products of quality and high nutritional value to migrant agricultural laborers and their families.
Establish the basic principles of support and guidance in the activities of the manager and the monitoring committee of the farm employees’ store, in the scheme of supplies through the Shop to the Interior of the Field that will provide the service of fair supply Of products to the working population.
Strengthen the presence of DICONSA to fulfill its social purpose and supply localities where there is a vulnerable population that presents problems of supply.
Contribute to the healthy diet of day laborers and their families.
Increase the standard of living of agricultural workers.
Help protect family income.
Encourage community participation in the localities that live agricultural day laborers and their families.
Through this agreement, the Confederation invites Sinaloan producers to incorporate this model of community store within their fields with the objective of providing casual workers with quality products at a lower cost; In this way it will be supported in the nutrition of the families, benefiting in turn the economy of the same ones.