Eleven Rivers Extends Regulatory Scheme Implementation Program to Participating Producers.

The horticultural season in Sinaloa is about to be concluded, the Eleven Rivers Regulatory Scheme Implementation Program began in November of last year and has generated about 400 technical visits to the companies participating in this Program.

The weekly visits of Implementation aim to advise companies to meet the criteria of food safety, traceability, quality of processes and social and environmental responsibility.

The main objective of these technical visits is to ensure that companies through this consultancy achieve in the medium term the level of compliance required to obtain Certification and have the right to use the Eleven Rivers Distinctive.

The implementation visits are carried out by Independent Bodies, which are specialized companies recognized by the market and approved by the Board of Directors of Eleven Rivers in accordance with the established in the Operating Regulations; These companies are Independent to the Eleven Rivers Association, the Producers, and the Mexican Government.

The Independent Agencies each year sign a contract in which the business relationship with the Eleven Rivers Administration is formalized; In the case of advisory visits there is a contract between Eleven Rivers and the company Technology and Services in Food Safety S.A. Of C.V. (TECSIA), which expires on May 30; However, at the request of a significant number of participating agricultural enterprises, the administration of Eleven Rivers, headed by Mr. Heriberto Vlaminck Seidel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has established an extension until 30 June.

The goal of Eleven Rivers’ management with this extension is to take advantage of the longest possible post-production time so that companies can consolidate the documentary support necessary for the implementation of the scheme and that in the 2014-15 season they can achieve the Eleven Rivers Certification.

It is important to remember that free technical visits for Participating Producers and companies that require this extension in the advisory service will also have no cost.