Eleven Rivers Growers technical advisors trained in SMETA audit

On November 13th and 14th, 2018, the technical advisors team of Eleven Rivers Growers attended to the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which aimed to obtain the bases for the interpretation of the SMETA criteria 4 pillars and some legal requirements associated with the implementation.

The training was about the interpretation of measurement criteria of the four SMETA pillars.

The main topics were; human rights, management system, free choice employment, right to association, health and safety, child labor, wages and benefits, hours of work, discrimination, regular employment, subcontracting and work from home, as well as inhuman or severe work, the right to work, the environment, 4 pillars, business ethics and benefits for the community.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

SMETA is an audit methodology, providing a compilation of best practice ethical audit techniques. Designed to help auditors conduct high quality audits that encompass all aspects of responsible business practice, covering Sedex’s four pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

SMETA was designed for suppliers to share one audit with multiple customers, meeting multiple customer requirements and reducing duplication in ethical auditing. SMETA has three elements:

  1. A common Best Practice Guidance on conducting ethical trade audits
  2. A common Audit Report format
  3. A common Corrective Action Plan format.

Nearly 20,000 SMETA audits are uploaded onto the Sedex platform every year.

Each SMETA audit carries a unique reference code to ensure the SMETA audit is appropriately validated. It can be used in a regular site audit or in the Sedex Offline Audit Tool. SMETA is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Within the Certification Scheme of Eleven Rivers Growers, Axis V, the Social Responsibility System, covers the most risky topics of the agricultural industry, such as the temporary work of the migrant population, as well as compliance with legislation, protection of children’s rights, preventive medicine, occupational safety and health and performance evaluation in environmental protection.


Source: Eleven Rivers Growers