Eleven Rivers Growers Executives attend the 3rd. AHIFORES International Forum: “Integration of Efforts, Generating Development”

On February 27-28, the he 3rd. AHIFORES International Forum: “Integration of Efforts, Generating Development” was held in Leon, Guanajuato, attended on behalf of Eleven Rivers Growers by Mr. Antonio Beltrán Ochoa – Chairman of The Board and Mr. Georgius Gotsis Fontes – CEO.

The AHIFORES 2019 International Forum brought together for the third consecutive year, growers, workers, coalitions, buyers, brokers, authorities of various government levels, non-governmental organizations, certifying entities, professors, students and all those interested in the Labor and Social Welfare of the horticultural sector, both domestic and foreign.

Aware that the horticultural sector is making huge advancements, being consolidated as an engine of development through employment generation, but has also become a generator of great challenges; that is why AHIFORES holds this important event for the consolidation of social responsibility in the horticultural industry in Mexico.

Aware that the solution to the greatest challenges in the sector is found in cooperative work among different players, AHIFORES has devoted to create a space to exchange ideas, and seeks to strengthen the bonds which turn into better labor and social conditions in the horticultural sector.

The event purposes were as follows:

. Encourage the connection and dialogue between the diverse actors of the horticultural productive chain in terms of labor and social welfare.

. Learn about the experience of workers, associations, coalitions, growers, international organizations, government, and other actors in the development and implementation of labor and social welfare strategies.

. Understand the challenges and opportunities in terms of labor and social welfare; from the perspective of each actor involved in the productive chain, in this new domestic and foreign context.

During this event, it was also held the signature of the Cooperation Agreement between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Horticultural Alliance to Promote Social Responsibility (AHIFORES, for its initials in Spanish).

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations in charge of matters related to work and labor; it was founded in 1919 with operations in 187 countries for protection and promotion of work-related rights.

The International Horticultural Alliance to Promote Social Responsibility (AHIFORES), is a non–profit organization, which has become consolidated through diverse efforts in improving the welfare of men and women working in the field, their families, and the sector in general. Eleven Rivers Growers is a founding member of AHIFORES from the start of its operations.