On Saturday, Feb 23, Vinicio Montiel gave his 3rd. Report of Activities for his term in 2018 as Chairman of the Growers Association of Los Mochis (AARFS).

In this event, Marte Vega Román took office as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the 2019-2022 term.  

During his Work Report Vinicio Montiel stated how the Association together with Eleven Rivers Growers seeks to increase competitiveness and evolution of fruits and vegetables grower companies, to meet the increasing market demands and the highest international regulation standards through the training of businessmen and their technical personnel in subjects of Food Safety and Sustainability; this is why 5 workshops were offered, in subjects such as:

. Food Safety

. Traceability

. Quality of Processes

. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

. Social and Environmental Responsibility

In his intervention, the Chairman thanked every member of the board who worked together with him during his tenure for the 2016 – 2019 period, for their enthusiasm, for being open to change, their contributions and for supporting him in so many ideas, proposals, and projects.

Montiel acknowledged the effort that CAADES made in conjunction with the National Agricultural Council (CNA) and the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), in participating and advising the negotiating team of Mexico in all difficult subjects of the trade agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, especially those affecting the primary sector.

“Our fundamental purpose as an organization are our members, and the support and services we can provide them in a competitive and effective manner.”

Between the actions during the last year of his administration, Montiel shared that he and his team are working on improvements in all aspects to provide a better service to their associates; ranging from training to the employees, better financial schemes for members, improvements to facilities and investments for equipment renewal, and expansion of the storage capacity and equipment efficiency. In addition to this, it is important to stand out that we just developed a software connected to our weather stations located in Planta Jiquilpan and Corerepe, where the grower, by means of calculations from heating units (GDUS) may forecast real-time for corn crops in its  various phenological stages, and we are in the process of expanding the coverage with more stations in the rest of the branches.

Along with the cooperation by Fundación Produce and an agreement with Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, renowned geneticist who collaborated for many years with the International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT); the AARFS seeks to offer growers new alternatives allowing the development, health, and permanence of wheat production.

He mentioned the projects in which they are currently working in terms of sustainability are Programa Campo Limpio, Production of Biofertilizers, the Conservation Tillage Club and The Research Platform. As part of the organization’s commitment with sustainability, solar panels were installed in the Association’s social building to take advantage of renewable energies, which would reduce energy consumption by 70% in the central offices; and in the next few years, new investments are planned to start up solar energy systems in collection centers.

One of the most important projections that the association wants to achieve is to comply with ISO 9001-2015 requirements, under a quality management system based on processes and risks, and after that, to obtain the Great Place to Work recognition.

To finish with his message, Montiel called his fellow growers to act in a coordinated and united manner:

“We are facing a complicated global economic environment and less government support, we have understood that we can no longer see our businesses individually, as all of us growers are together in the same industry. We are participating in a highly competitive sector which is full of new challenges, which today and surely tomorrow, will continue to demand new challenges we will be facing and resolving together.”

Marte Vega Roman, said that he is very proud for the roots and attachment that members have with this growers’ association. He nostalgically remembered his childhood; when he used to go to the association with his father and since then he felt the camaraderie and brotherhood that members have there. He mentioned with enthusiasm that he will continue working for the guild’s unity, integrating and bringing all members together with good actions and transparency.