26 diciembre, 2019

José María Pablos Ritz is appointed new CIDH chairman

Dec 4, the general ordinary meeting of Confederation for Produce Research and Defense (CIDH, in Spanish) was held. Eng. Rosario Antonio Beltrán Ureta shared with board […]
22 octubre, 2019

Interview: Gustavo Rojo Plascencia, President of CAADES about Expo Agro Sinaloa 2020

City of origin: Guasave, Sinaloa. Career: BA in AgriBusiness by UAG If you are talking about new generation, experienced growers, you must be talking about Gustavo […]
21 agosto, 2019

Department of Commerce Announces Suspension of Mexican Anti-Dumping Investigation

U.S. & MEXICO – Earlier yesterday, just minutes before midnight, the group of organizations representing the Mexican tomato industry reached an agreement with the U.S. Department […]
24 julio, 2019

CAADES announces the 2020 edition of Expo Agro Sinaloa

On July 11, Mr. Gustavo Rojo Plascencia, President of the Federation of Agricultural Associations in the State of Sinaloa (CAADES) announced the next edition of Expo […]
27 marzo, 2019

Eleven Rivers Growers is developing a collaborative effort to increase competitively of horticultural products from Sinaloa

On March 22, the Third Annual Work Report was carried out, by Mr. Ulises Robles Gámez, President of the Confederation of Growers Associations of Sinaloa (CAADES, […]
8 marzo, 2019

Sergio Esquer highlights the importance of Food Safety, Social and Environmental Responsibility in his 3rd. Work Report

On March 2, the Work Report from the Board of Directors of the Grower’s Association of Culiacan (AARC) led by Sergio Esquer Peiro was given; and […]
8 marzo, 2019

The AARFS works in coordination with Eleven Rivers on Food Safety and Sustainability Subjects

On Saturday, Feb 23, Vinicio Montiel gave his 3rd. Report of Activities for his term in 2018 as Chairman of the Growers Association of Los Mochis […]
27 diciembre, 2018

Students from the Chapingo University visit CAADES facilities

With the purpose of completing their academic training, in subjects of agricultural economy and rural development, the students of the fifth year of the career of […]
26 julio, 2018

The Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock Jesús Valdés meets with CAADES producers

The Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock Jesús Valdés held a meeting with the leaders of the associations of growers that make up the CAADES, with the […]
26 marzo, 2018

Eleven Rivers is the main collective effort to increase the competitiveness of Sinaloa growers.

On March 23, the second annual report was carried out by Ulises Robles Gámez, president of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of Sinaloa (CAADES), as part […]
30 noviembre, 2017

Interview: Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante – CIDH

Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante is the current director of the Commission for the Investigation and Defense of Vegetables (CIDH), a recognized official of the agricultural organisms; […]