Eleven Rivers Growers is developing a collaborative effort to increase competitively of horticultural products from Sinaloa

On March 22, the Third Annual Work Report was carried out, by Mr. Ulises Robles Gámez, President of the Confederation of Growers Associations of Sinaloa (CAADES, in Spanish). Part of the activities this organization carried out to represent their members is the strengthening of the Eleven Rivers Growers program, which is now the collaborative effort of the organization, to increase business competitively of our horticultural products.

This company is currently working with 30 horticultural companies in Sinaloa, which together represents 55% of the vegetables exports in the state.

Ulises mentioned that the work is being performed in a united, committed organization with the agricultural sector which, during the last year of his administration, it was involved in proceedings with public institutions and agricultural organizations, with regards to several topics of the agricultural sector in Sinaloa, one of the most relevant for horticulture is, without a doubt, the negotiation of the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (UMSCA), in which CIDH – CAADES had an active role together with the National Agricultural Council (CNA, in Spanish) and Mexican Business Coordination Council.

Robles Gámez highlighted that public policies governing the agricultural activity, under current circumstances is completely exceeded, so it is mandatory to reorient this, taking under consideration real situation that growers and their families are living.

To conclude his message, the President took the opportunity to thank all the members of his Board of Directors and the Presidents of grower’s associations, for their support and collaboration, as well as for their great willingness to work as a team in all matters that were discussed in the past three years. He also thanked the support of the National Agricultural Council and its leaders, the support and consideration of Mr. Quirino Ordáz Coppel, State Governor and Mr. Manuel Tarriba, Secretary of Agriculture.

For his part, Mr. Gustavo Rojo Plascencia, when appointed as President for the 2019-2022 period, reaffirmed his commitment to defend with passion the institutional position of CAADES, just as leaders preceding him have done so in critical moments of history from this important agricultural organization.