Know more about the Eleven Rivers Certification Squeme: Food Defense

Axis I: Process Quality System section 1.13. Food Defense

1.13.1. Training of workers

The personnel responsible for the access doors and supervisor must have the proper training to comply with the policies and regulations of the company for visitors.

1.13.2. Security

Document internal security measures to protect facilities, water sources and products against probable incidents that put at risk the reliability of produce.

These will include controlled registration and access to the facilities of contractors, suppliers and visitors; it must indicate the control of the productive phases most sensitive to pollution incidents; it will include the measures to keep intact the areas of storage of supplies and materials, packaging, final products, transportation, water sources, among others.

The measures taken should be evidenced as: Registers of access control to facilities, badges and registration of suppliers, visitors and contractors, as well as a method of identification of workers.

The possible threats to which the company is susceptible must be identified. The measures to be taken should be based on the risks identified and documented for each area, according to their geographical location and proximity to human settlements, taking into account all the company’s facilities.

In the required cases, it is advisable to install electronic surveillance systems in order to monitor and detect the possible intrusion or deterrence of intruders to the facilities, especially those classified as sensitive determined by the company. Have a location sketch and a video access procedure if necessary.

1.13.3. Food Fraud

Prepare a hazard analysis to identify the raw materials that present a higher risk of being adulterated or substituted, ensure that at the moment of being acquired, said raw materials are authentic, adequate and do not violate the vulnerability of the product.

Document and implement an action plan to reduce the conditions for food fraud and specify what activities are developed in the case of a threat.