Health and Safety at Work Certification Clausure

On October 23, took place the closure of the Certified in Health and Safety at Work and Environmental Protection, where Eleven Rivers  in coordination with CRESTCAP, the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare and the Association of  Growers Rio Fuerte Sur, AC We grant recognition to 31 participants of 19 companies in the north and center of the state of Sinaloa, who managed to complete the 140 hours program.

The main objective was to create a culture of prevention in the workplace through knowledge and application of  health and hygiene rules that relate to the agricultural sector; for what the participants had to submit a thesis, which applied the lessons learned during the course in developing a safety program for their companies.

In the final closing event  the Ing . Vinicio Montiel, Treasurer of AARFS, the Assistant Coordinator Security of  IMSS Eng. Francisco Rodriguez Acosta, the zone coordinator  Eng. Roberto Cicero Fierro and the safety specialist Ing. Iván Peña Guzman  made ​​us  the honor of joining.

Eng . Diana Burgeño, Operative Coordinator who represented Eleven Rivers gave a speech  to thank the interest in the programs of human capital formation and especially the interest in that diploma.