Integral Model for Early Childhood Development in Belher Farm.

For four years now, A Kilo de Ayuda Foundation has been working together with the grower company Belher for the development of the children who attend the nurseries of the company in “Campo Dorita” and “Lo De Beltrán”.

In both camps, the company, together with the Foundation, has created a special space where they work with children as part of the Integral Model for Early Child Development (IMFECD), where they foster skills, abilities, knowledge and strengthen affective bonds that will influence their character.

El Modelo Integral para el Desarrollo Infantil Temprano de Un Kilo de Ayuda hace referencia al desarrollo físico, cognitivo, lingüístico y socio – emocional de los niños y niñas de 0 a 5 años de comunidades rurales de alta y muy alta marginación y rezago social en México, de una manera integral para el cumplimiento de todos sus derechos.

The comprehensive Model for Early Child Development of a Kilo de Ayuda refers to the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio – emotional development of children from 0 to 5 years of rural communities of high marginalization and social backwardness in Mexico, in a comprehensive way for the fulfillment of all their rights.

The IMFECD is implemented through three Programs:

1) Physical Development Program

2) Neurological and Psychoactive Development Program

3) Community Development Program

 To speak of happy children, is to speak of Un Kilo de Ayuda. A happy child is one who reaches his full potential, ready to learn in the first degree and as an adult will achieve a higher level of competitiveness that encourages growth in their region.

Un Kilo de Ayuda foundation is a civil society organization dedicated to ensuring that all children under 5 years in Mexico are full, through the development of physical, intellectual and emotional development in their first years of life.

With more than 30 years of work in Mexico, today we see the importance of investing in Early Childhood to guarantee a full Early Childhood Development.

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