Know more about the Eleven Rivers Certification Squeme: Evaluation of performance and ongoing improvement

Axis I: Process Quality System section 1.15. Evaluation of performance and ongoing improvement

1.15.1 Internal audits

Establishing a company internal audit procedure with a minimum frequency of once a year. In the procedure, include a schedule, identifying areas to be audited, frequency, responsibility and audit forms used. 

Internal audits must be applied by competent personnel of the evaluated area. The company must show that the personnel responsible for audits have the proper experience and training.

A record must be maintained of the results from internal audits, including the corrective actions taken on each of them, determining the root cause.

1.15.2. Corrective actions

Having a procedure to solve significant problems, in case of deviation of compliance criteria.

The procedure must describe the responsibility of researching and identifying the root cause of non- conformities, using any methodology: brainstorming, scatter diagram, histogram, the 5 whys or the Ishikawa diagram. Documenting the measures to be taken in order to avoid a relapse, having a record of the correction measures developed.