Axis l. Process Quality System

1.6 Warehouses Operation

1.6.1. Hygiene in warehouses 

Warehouse areas must have a cleaning and hygiene program describing the frequencies and methods being used. The program must consider the cleaning and hygiene of floors, ceilings, walls and shelves.

1.6.2. Warehouse of agrochemicals

There must be a documented emergency plan, especially designed for this type of facilities, describing the steps to follow in case of poisoning and/or spills; must have first aid kits, personal protection and emergency shower services.

Document a stock inventory with an input and output control of Agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers), indicating expiration dates.

1.6.3. Warehouse of equipment, tools and workshop.

The absence of fuel, grease, and lubricants on any of the company areas must be noted.

1.6.4. Storage of chemicals

A procedure to store and identify chemicals in a safe manner must be documented, based on the product technical information. A detailed and updated inventory of the hazardous chemical products must be developed. The inventory will include expiration dates.