More than 1,500 children of farm workers visit the zoo

More than One thousand five hundred student’s children of farm workers visited the Culiacan Zoo on April 6, in the frame of the celebrations of children’s day; this event is coordinated by the ​​social responsibility department of the Growers Association of Culiacan (AARC).

There are 20 companies affiliated to the organization that for more than three years have been looking for alternatives so that the children of their workers have a better education.

Agricultural migrant farm workers have been in Sinaloa since October and are mainly from the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán, and Veracruz.

The children were accompanied by their teachers and some parents who enjoyed the attractions that the zoo has, where they expressed that reinforce their school knowledge in the interaction with animals.

José Luis Alatorre, responsible of the social responsibility department of the association, said that in the agricultural fields of Culiacán, Navolato and La Cruz de Elota, child labor is eradicated, so that producers work with entrepreneurs and the State Government providing opportunities for prevent minors from working in the fields.


Source: TV Pacifico