Eleven Rivers launches its new Certification Scheme version 2.2.1


Addressing more informed consumers and discerning buyers, new regulations on international standards to ensure the quality, food safety and traceability in food did not wait. International agencies continue constantly improving and renewing its regulations to ensure quality in their food to the end consumer.

The same way Eleven Rivers in order to help the agricultural industry Sinaloa to stay competitive in today’s markets and seek to position themselves in new trade blocs, has updated the Certification Scheme and offer to the producers, the Regulatory Scheme Eleven Rivers version 2.2.1

This version includes large improvements in most of its axes, such as changing the Eleven Rivers focus on Axis V of Social Responsibility that leads companies to comply with indicators that seek to reduce risks in the areas of: labor standards, eradication of child labor and protection of young workers.

The Axis I also contains improvements to add the issue of allergens in the evaluation criteria as part of the contribution of external agencies for incremental improvements certification.

Meanwhile axis 2 also changed its evaluation criteria in the areas of drinking water in the field, due to changes in Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) legislation, which require new guidelines to ensure safety in foods.

The new Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme, was published on November 12th  and is already being implemented in the field at different stages of evaluation.