Agricola Vitanova Fresh Produce renews its Eleven Rivers Growers certification v2.4

In February the grower company Vitanova Fresh Produce has renewed their Eleven Rivers Certification v2.4, on the approval of the conformity in the certificate issued by NSF.

We are very pleased to collaborate with a work team like Vitanova Fresh Produce, where tanks to the coordinated work between top management and all its employees, they have achieved the approval in the five axes comprising the Eleven Rivers certification scheme.

Vitanova Fresh Produce was founded in 2009 by a group of Mexican and American businessmen, as a part of a strategic marketing program and at the same time to promote the agricultural activity in the northern region of Sinaloa.

Vitanova Fresh Produce, has always sought to become a model in the fresh produce by being managed under policies based on corporate values established by their owners, where respect for employees and ongoing constant search for competitiveness and the grounds for their growth.

The vision and commitment of all the parties involved to reach the purpuses outlined, result in the accomplishment of their goals as a company, of their employees personal goals, being in compliance with the community, respecting and taking special care of childrens rights.

Congratulations! We look forward to being part of the growth and commitment of Sinaloa grower companies to offer healthy, safe and sustainable products.

By obtaining the Eleven Rivers certification, companies initiate the weekly verification program developed by a third-party independent organization; the Association for Standardization and Certifications (ANSE, for its initials in Spanish), consisting on the weekly evaluation of specific compliance criteria, which consists of evaluating specific compliance criteria on a weekly basis, in order to effectively guarantee the continuity and consistency of compliance with the five axes set out the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme v2.4.