On March 26, the First Regional Forum 2019 was held, organized by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA). This event gathered the main leaders of the fruit and vegetable industry, where they shared the main trends of international markets, representing important opportunities for Sinaloa fresh produce companies.

One of the premises of the event was that companies need to aim their business models towards an approach for the future, in order to remain competitive in a consumer-oriented economy: having a broader knowledge of what buyers are looking for from their suppliers and the products having a potential for growth.

PMA considers these events as a significant opportunity to make business connections and obtain key information to grow your business.

The event was attended by important industry leaders who shared their experiences on these subjects.

Luis Moreno, who had the opportunity to moderate the panel of specialists in this occasion, is Chairman at Grupo PM, S.A. of C.V. | Specialized in marketing strategies for the fresh produce industry.

During his speech, Luis mentioned that it is important for growers to change their focus, from only being growers to one where they also visualize the needs of the consumer.

“Demand must be the most important matter for the grower.”

During his lecture, participation, he shared with the audience the most important trends in the fresh produce industry, such as the segmentation of consumer needs and trends that may be included within the following categories:

  • Healthy and fresh products
  • Polarized market segments
  • A growing demand for ethnic products
  • Activists
  • Urban products
  • Increase of the importance of the consumer experience and convenience

Jaime Tamayo | Operations Manager of Divemex, a grower company from Sinaloa, specialized in growing peppers for exports.

In his lecture, Jaime shared with the attendees, how the company that is in its third generation in agricultural experience had to adjust to market needs. He mentioned that they currently have a wide range of packaging options they offer to customers, which is one of the demands consumers make in supermarkets.

They discuss that for brand positioning, they also work in digital platforms such as their website www.divemex.com and in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr where they seek to share with their clients information about their company, the actions and certifications they have on food safety and social responsibility, recipes and all the information allowing their clients to trust their brand.

Pedro S. Gómez, Procurement Manager of Seald Sweet of GREENYARD, a company engaged in cultivation and marketing of fresh produce.

Pedro shared with the audience the importance of liaison between the grower and retailers to achieve the satisfaction of customer needs. He mentioned that, from his perspective and experience, one of the most important changes is the change of mentality and the grower’s perception with regards to his products. Growers have to be willing to adjust to market needs.

“The agricultural market has an important projection and soon will consolidate a more effective communication between the consumer, the retailer and the grower”

The three speakers agreed that the industry is currently facing great challenges but these also have great opportunities.