Agriculture from Sinaloa is obtaining a greater presence worldwide

By making contact with trade areas of the various certified embassies in Mexico, and a direct approach with the industry to learn about their needs, this is the strategy the State Government has been implementing to diversify their crops and conquer new markets for their agricultural commodities.

Carolina Sánchez Arredondo, Director of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, announced that the strategy has been implementing from the beginning of the current administration, managing to penetrate the markets of Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain and there have been approaches with international trade organizations such as the Arab Chamber of Commerce and the oil industry, to learn about their needs and establish potential agreements for direct purchase-sale deals of farming products.

“We try to approach organizations and embassies, so they can send us buyers which are already certified for the exchange to occur in a purchase-sale; we are also working on the part of bringing the industry directly to the grower, we have already brought some options to growers from Sinaloa so that they can trade directly by giving them more options.”

And, given that this is about bringing products from Sinaloa to the global market, said Sanchez Arredondo, a series of guidelines must be complied with, such as having a certification to prove that these being offered are quality products and thus facilitate their trade.

As an example of the actions being successfully carried out, Sánchez Arredondo announced that nowadays, mango from Sinaloa has successfully penetrated the markets of Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, and it is in the process of reaching an agreement to be marketed in Russia, and this was achieved thanks to the approach made through embassies to learn the trade needs of their consumers, and being able to take the product from the fields in Sinaloa to their market.