Interview: Diego Ley López, Del Campo y Asociados


Diego Ley López is one of the most important agricultural businessmen of Sinaloa. Del Campo is a company that has positioned as one of the leaders in the horticultural sector. Diego Ley learned the agricultural business from his father’s hand, Mr. Juan Ley Fong, with whom he began to work since he was little, next to his brothers. It’s director of Del Campo and Associated for more than 30 years.

  1. ¿How does Del Campo and Associates start?

The company is turn agricultural, in the agricultural sector we specialize in vegetables for the fresh market, with the purpose of attending the three countries that are North America: Canada, United States and Mexico; basically, the production we have is in greenhouses under certain levels of climate controlled and pests protection.

  1. ¿What are the main varieties that you grow?

We produce a variety of vegetables. But mainly tomatoes in their different types: ball, Rome (which in Mexico are known as saladette), tomato grape in their different types: yellow, orange, high flavor, some varieties that intersect cluster and packed as such, we grow different types of peppers: lamuyos, blocky and mini, and eggplant. Within varieties of high specialty, we have: organic eggplant and tomatoes. 80% of our production is to export to US and Canada.

  1. ¿ how was your relationship with Eleven Rivers born?

Eleven Rivers was born of the need to have an organization oriented to support the agricultural companies that export to different countries, to be able to attend to what foreign markets require us, since the requirements of the market have changed, the laws in the North America countries are changing in order to protect the health of their consumers; Regulations, guidelines and very strict laws regarding health concerns.

This organization was created to address the concern of all those we export, to closely follow these laws and safety regulations.

Some companies have our own internal safety department, some others do not; Then, to have a uniformity in the measures and procedures that have to be followed; Was born the idea of having an independent organism of each company, with the purpose of helping to establish guidelines based on the laws of the countries to which we exported and our own national laws. All this to help the growers who do not have their own safety department to establish the minimum guidelines on food safety. This is oriented to the products that are exported from Sinaloa have the prestige, quality and safety that they are free of contamination that could harm people’s health.

Eleven Rivers, has worked very well because it has helped certain companies that for various and very particular reasons were not clear on which procedures had to be observed to be more certain for their production to be free of contaminants. It has been an excellent ally till now, and for this reasons our company from the beginning in addition to making contributions to this organization, has been a very closely observer.

  1. ¿How the company has been benefited from Eleven Rivers?

Eleven Rivers make us weekly reviews. We have an internal department, but still a department of the same company anyway. So, it is very healthy that third party organization come and checks our procedures and helps us to correct some flaws that we could have, that are very important.

  1. Could you tell me what aspects Eleven Rivers reviews on your farm?

The procedures regarding the hygiene of the personnel who work, both in the part of the cut and the part of the packaging, the use of the water to wash the products, among other subjects of safety.

It also reviews a lot in social responsibility, since finally this affects the better comfort of people and greater personal hygiene of workers; Many of our employees come from the south of Mexico, the conditions of life back home are different from the ones we have in our region, which is why it is important to train them, to help them to have better health oriented lifestyles. Another important thing is the issue of protecting their children, because many of the workers come with their families, so we provide various services to their wives and their children; this attention covers health services, housing, day care centers and schools.

We provide a day care service to the children of our workers, where they are provided with balanced foods while their parents are working; once their moms return from their work duties in the afternoon, they are given to their children. In these kindergartens, we count on highly qualified personnel, both in the technical part and in their attitude, that treat children with great affection.

Honestly, you can visit one of these day care and kindergartens when they are in full capacity and can realize the festive and friendly atmosphere that prevails among children. We have newborn children to high school students. All these services are provided by us, we have a school with highly qualified teachers, from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). We carry educational programs according to the Ministry. There is also a special program for our workers kids, which allows children who finish their school program to carry their certificate perfectly valid by the educational authorities.

We already have, girls and boys at college level who have followed university degrees graduated from our middle schools. We do not have high school here, but we have scholarships for boys who wish to continue their studies, we provide them with what they need to continue their studies.

it’s a very big investment, but as I always said, it’s business also, because we have people, on the one hand, are well attended and on the other hand working comfortable, to which they are serving their family, with a work environment positive where can feel they are doing work they retribute properly, which serves their families and not running risks. Everything is under control.

It’s a great investment, but as I’ve always said, it’s business as well; Because we have people who, on the one hand, are well cared and on the other hand work comfortable, in a positive working environment, where they can feel that they are doing a job that is adequately remunerated, with good care for their families and are not taking risks. Everything is very under control.

  1. ¿Do you recommend Eleven Rivers?

Totally, in fact, we have done recommendations with some producers from other agricultural zones to register and ask for the support of Eleven Rivers by all the benefits who brings. I think there have been some good examples out of the Sinaloa state with good results.

  1. ¿In three words, how you described your experience with Eleven Rivers

Useful, it’s business and highly recommended.