Eleven Rivers is named as a member of the advisory board on the state and regional innovation agenda

On Thursday 27 February of the current year, the first workshop was held with the Advisory Council for the State and Regional Innovation Agenda with the objective of building a common vision, identifying the areas of intelligent specialization, and defining selection criteria for the areas of specialization of the programs and projects of support in Sinaloa.

It was attended by 18 participants members of the Management Committee and the Advisory Board, which included Mr. Radamés Díaz Meza Deputy Secretary for Promotion of SEDECO of the State Government, Mr. Enrique Maytorena Garcia, Director General of CODESIN, Dr. Carlos Karam Quiñonez Director of INAPI and as representative of the Agricultural Sector Mr. Heriberto Vlaminck Seidel Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eleven Rivers.

The State and Regional Innovation Agendas project aims to contribute to state and regional economic development to take full advantage of Mexico’s innovative potential through a shared vision between government, academia, industry and society. It is sought that these Agendas allow to articulate and define sectoral priorities and areas of intelligent specialization.

For the preparation of the State and Regional Innovation Agendas, a methodology used by the European Union, known as Innovation and Research Strategies for Smart Specialization (Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization) will be followed and is known as RIS3.

RIS3 are integrated agendas for territorial economic transformation aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge available to regions, with innovation being the main factor of transformation. It is worth noting that for the period 2014-2020 all regions of the European Union will have the obligation to develop their RIS3 to obtain financing from the Cohesion Funds.

The State Agenda will determine the strategic projects that must be supported through the Federal Funds of Financing; In the case of Sinaloa, this meeting determined the development axes on which to base the projects that must be followed up and supported. Mr. Heriberto Vlaminck Seidel emphasized the need to establish, as one of the guiding axes of the state’s agricultural development, support for safety and traceability through programs such as Eleven Rivers, which seeks to improve the competitiveness of Mexican horticultural companies.