Eleven Rivers launches version 1.0 of the digital platform for the online consultation of technical visits and audits

Beginning in the 2013-14 season, producers affiliated to the Eleven Rivers Program have a digital platform to monitor their technical operation, systematizing the results of information to make the best decisions. Eleven Rivers Information System is a software developed by Eleven Rivers Agricultores Asociados AC, born with the need to administrate and systematize online the technical information of the participating producers, allowing under access rights, to enter In a safe and timely manner to the Technical and Operational Information of the companies that implement and evaluate the Eleven Rivers® Regulatory Scheme. ERIS® is a technological tool to support producers, which facilitates the administration of the technical information generated in their participation in the processes of technical operation of the Eleven Rivers® Regulatory Scheme. For access to this Technology Platform, the Eleven Administration Rivers generates access codes for producers, agricultural technical personnel and independent bodies (management of technical advisory staff and auditors), being classified in the following access rights:

• Eleven Rivers Administration: Access role with exclusive responsibilities for the Eleven Rivers Administration for the monitoring and follow-up of the results of the technical visits of all participating companies.
• Auditing Company: Role of access with exclusive responsibilities for the internal monitoring of the companies approved to provide the advisory service and certification of the Eleven Rivers Regulatory Scheme.
• Auditor: Role assigned by the Company Audit its technical staff to capture the results of Diagnostics, Advisory Visits, Certification Audits and Weekly Verification.
• Producer: Role of access assigned to producers and technicians that allows the monitoring of the Level of Compliance of your company of each of the Axes that make up Eleven Rivers® Regulatory Framework and the consultation of the details of the audits and technical visits.
ERIS® is designed under high standards of computer security protocols and governed by internal privacy policies, all information generated by the farmer’s participation in the program is considered personal and confidential, at no time is it disclosed by the administration of Eleven Rivers® or otherwise used for the good performance of producers participating in Regulatory Scheme 11R.